About Rocket-Tutor
What is Rocket-Tutor?

Rocket-Tutor is a 24/7 online tutoring service provider. Rocket-Tutor takes care of all the needs of a student which they need besides school or college. Rocket-Tutor offers a broad range of feature and services which are designed to help student in every possible way.

How Rocket-Tutor can help me?

Rocket-Tutor can provide online tutoring to you whenever you need. You can learn a topic, a chapter, study the whole subject or prepare for a test with Rocket-Tutor.

Why would I want to use Rocket-Tutor?

We all need help with our education because Rocket-Tutor believes that it’s hard to learn everything in school/college because of various reasons. If you want to achieve good grades, excel in class or even want to clear a test for getting into a good college its necessary for us to have someone who can explain different things in the easiest way possible. That’s where Rocket-Tutor comes in. Rocket-Tutor can help you round the clock. After you join Rocket-Tutor, you just have to focus on your study and not on anything else like searching for good tutors or budget.

Who are the Tutors?

Our Tutors are graduates, post graduates and PhD’s and are handpicked. All of them are selected after rigorous testing. After that they undergo training and certification. They are trained over various aspects like teaching, communication, and behavior. They are trained to be friendly, professional and a better tutor.

Why should I use Rocket-Tutor?

Well there are plenty of reasons of choosing Rocket-Tutor for your educational needs

While we do have a list of features and a demo for you to look at, Rocket-Tutor is more of an experience than a checklist. For checking efficacy of Rocket-Tutor, create an account and take free demo sessions. Try to learn a topic with us and then decide whether Rocket-Tutor right for you not. Usually, you’ll know the answer within a few minutes of playing around with our services. If you have any questions after that, please do contact us.

What are the different services provided?

Different students have different needs, so we have designed various services keeping in mind about variety of students. As the company grows and matures we are going to add more services to our offerings so that we can reach out to more and more students & parents. You can checkout the services for all the informations about service offerings.

What Subjects does Rocket-Tutor take care of?

Being a new service provider, Rocket-Tutor provide services in Math and Science only. With time more subjects will be added. Under Math and Science most of the subjects are covered. For more clarifications please contact customer care using our multi-channel support.

What is required to use Rocket-Tutor?

All you need is an Internet connection and a supported browser to use our services. Currently, we support all the major browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Maxthon. Kindly don’t use Internet Explorer. Check all the technical requirements here. (https://rocket-tutor.com/technical-requirements/)

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